6 Best Scholarship Application Tips

Studying at top universities can be a costly affair. Tuition fees, personal expenses, spending on books and supplies—the list of expenses seems endless! But thanks to financial aid in the form of scholarships, several students have been able to successfully graduate from top universities without being burdened with student loan or debt. Since scholarships are

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Is a PhD Worth it?

If you’re passionate about a certain subject and eager to learn more about it and gain expertise in the subject, then yes, a PhD is definitely worth it. A PhD involves delving deep into a subject  and researching aspects of it for yourself and arriving at new areas of study or answering questions hitherto unanswered.

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Career Options for Economics Majors

If you have given any consideration to earning an economics degree, you may be wondering about the jobs available for economics degree. By considering the outline provided below, you can obtain an answer to this question and several others that pertain to the field of economics. Although degree programs within the field of economics will

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Career Options for English Majors

As an English major, you can do more than spout Shakespearean quotes. Ideally, you should possess excellent writing and critical thinking skills, and an analytical and problem-solving mind. This means you can explore job roles that are out of the traditional roles for English majors.  Career Options for English Majors As an English major, you

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Career Options for Science Majors

Students of science go on to specialize in subjects but not before they acquire some core knowledge that is common across all fields. This includes the scientific method, statistics, and critical thinking. You can major in science degrees like chemistry, physics, and biology or explore newer degrees like environmental science, aviation science, biotechnology, veterinary science, neuroscience

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