6 Best Scholarship Application Tips

Studying at top universities can be a costly affair. Tuition fees, personal expenses, spending on books and supplies—the list of expenses seems endless! But thanks to financial aid in the form of scholarships, several students have been able to successfully graduate from top universities without being burdened with student loan or debt. Since scholarships are extremely valuable, students should make sure that their application stands out in order to be considered for a scholarship. 

Are you a student looking for help with applying for a scholarship? Look no further. Here are some tips to help you: 

  1. Lay down the groundwork: Doing the necessary research will help you understand the different scholarship options available out there and which ones you’re eligible to apply for. Make a note of all the important information, dates, and deadlines. Make sure you apply well in advance instead of waiting till the last minute to submit your application.
  2. Look for multiple scholarship opportunities: Depending on your eligibility, apply for multiple scholarships to increase your chances of getting financial aid. It’s also important to remember to not go overboard and apply for too many scholarships. Shortlist only those that you’re eligible for and arrange them in the order of their deadline and apply accordingly.
  3. Spend enough time writing and editing your essay: A good scholarship application essay can increase your chances of winning a scholarship. That’s why, it’s important to make sure that you spend enough time writing and reviewing your essay. Write a well-researched essay with a solid introduction. Do not blindly recycle old essays or write an essay for the sake of writing one.
  4. Get your application reviewed: Check your application for errors. Get it cross-checked by a peer, a parent or guardian, or a senior who has experience applying for scholarships. Make sure you fix the errors, if any, and polish your draft before submitting your application.
  5. Make sure you have a solid recommendation: A great recommendation can set your application apart from that of other applicants. Be specific about the qualities you want mentioned in the recommendation letter so that the person recommending you can highlight your best qualities.
  6. Provide all necessary information: Make a checklist of all the information you need to include in the scholarship application. Ensure that you provide all necessary information that the selection committee has requested for. Double-check against your checklist to confirm that there are no omissions because omissions will only prolong the approval process. 

Once you have ticked off all your checklists and send in your application. Make sure that you apply before the set deadline. Set reminders, if necessary, to meet deadlines. Applying apart, you should also prepare yourself for rejection. Don’t lose hope if you receive a rejection letter. Move on and continue to look for other opportunities and keep applying. What other steps would you include in your application process? Do share with us in the comments below.

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