Best Colleges for Psychology

10 Best US Universities Offering Psychology Programs

Have you ever witnessed peculiar behavior and wondered what set it off? Or, are you afraid of the dark or have any other phobia you want to know more about? If your answer to one or both the questions is affirmative, then there is a solid chance that you’re the kind that would love psychology.

These are just a few reasons why you should consider studying psychology. And if you do, here are some popular universities that offer great courses in psychology.

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Best Resources for Psychology

An Overview of Psychology Resources

Psychology is a rather interesting and exciting subject to major in. As a popular degree option in the United States, it has a great number of resources available both online and offline. There are tons of helpful websites, blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels that provide useful explanations and elucidations which can make your studying and teaching the subject much easier and more fun

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Schools Of Psychology

Behavioral Psychology and Cognitive Psychology Psychology involves the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. The subject encompasses many schools of thought. One of them, cognitive psychology, deals with the study of the mind, while another, behavioural psychology, deals with observed behaviour.

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9 Top Specializations in Psychology

While the different scopes in psychology may be diverse and plenty, the standard traits and processes of human personality and behavior are usually constant, it’s only the application of the concepts that may vary. For instance, forensic psychology would be more focused at studying aspects of criminology and law, while child psychology would look at studying children and early development processes. 

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