Career Options for Business Majors

If you have a major in business, the world is your playing field. Well, almost. With some careful research and a roadmap, you can go places.

One of the main business skills of someone with the potential to succeed in business is the ability to network and tap into connections. You also need to have a mindset that accommodates both long-term and short-term vision, and a knack for analytical thinking and problem-solving. Certain job roles call for multilingual skills like sales and marketing, and international business. You may not get a job that pays well at the very beginning but with some forethought and planning, you could get there pretty quickly.

If you are an undergraduate with a business major, some job roles that can be considered are: business development manager, IT or construction project manager, financial analyst, sales manager, general manager, business analyst, statistician, operations research analyst, actuary, auditor, market research analyst, HR generalist, recruiter, and accountant, which is great if you love numbers. Do note that if you aspire to become an accountant, some employers may prefer candidates with CPA certification and licensing. These roles are available in various industries from hospitality to governments and private companies. On an average, you could pocket $60000 or more.

Other roles include that of an appraiser, who is responsible for assessing real estate – both commercial and residential. Business statistics can pave the way to roles like an economist. Business risk consultants are in demand by companies that need to plan their numbers and business direction. If you have a knack for managing money, you could even work as a financial planner for individuals. You don’t have to be a part of a company and you’ll get to work independently while earning a substantial income. Again, connections matter.

Another role within marketing is that of a brand manager, which gives you the opportunity to work on everything from research to development and promotion of products and services. Brand Management also prepares you to take on media planning. If the social media and digital space interest you, you could try out the role of an internet marketer. Healthcare management is another area with opportunities; you could work as a health services manager or a medical director. Those who are good at communications can try their hand at roles that maximize skills in strategic communication.

A degree in business has tremendous potential as you climb up the career ladder. Those of you with a major in accounting could go on to hold roles such as a Chief Accounting Officer, Tax Director, Chief Investment Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Director or Vice President of accounts and finance-related teams. If innovation and entrepreneurship drive you, you could even go out and set up your own business. You could well be the next Steve Jobs.

As business courses are interdisciplinary, no matter what you go on to major in, your understanding of business should ideally be well-rounded. You could also go on to earn an MBA once you have some real world experience as that will give you a better idea about your interests and gaps that need to be filled to move to the next level.

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