Career Options For Biochemistry Majors

Biochemistry deals with both biology and chemistry of living organisms. It is a research-based program that teaches students how to apply chemical knowledge in a biological or medical context. The degree program usually covers subjects like math, chemistry, biology. 

Biochemistry majors are useful in a wide range of research and medical-based fields. Graduates with this degree can work in pharmaceutical companies, governmental agencies, or health organizations. Here are some promising career options with a biochemistry major:

  1. Clinical laboratory technologist: This job involves research and testing with relation to bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms. They can perform tests on human blood samples or study the growth of viruses. Clinical laboratory technologists use their knowledge in molecular biology and chemistry to research biological processes like diseases, hormones, and the effects of various drugs. 
  2. Pharmaceutical sales representative: Pharmaceutical sales representatives get to use their knowledge of pharmaceutical drugs and medicines in dealing with sales and business. They promote treatments and medicines, often coordinating with hospitals and medical institutes, meeting with doctors and medical professionals in this field. 

  3. Research Assistant: A research assistant basically helps in laboratory research, working alongside other researchers in universities or research institutes. Academic researchers also get to oversee students in the field. They usually work under a research professor. 

  4. Forensic scientist: A forensic scientist works to provide information and details for law courts in criminal and civil cases. They require expertise in drugs and toxicology, and investigate materials like blood and body fluid, hair, clothing fibres, tyre marks, etc. Forensic scientists analyse samples and crime scenes for evidence or more details on an incident. They need to be able to pay painstaking attention to the minutest of details,  and work effectively within deadlines. 

  5. Physician associate: This profession involves working alongside doctors and medical professionals. They can provide assistance in surgical procedures, or diagnosis and treatments. They work under the supervision of a doctor, and although cannot work as a physician themselves, can take up registered jobs in the healthcare industry.  

  6. Environmental chemist: Environmental chemists study materials like rocks and soil, and the effect of human behaviour on the environment. They monitor issues like pollution and contamination, also working towards researching more sustainable and environmentally safe methods of development. 

  7. Analytical chemist: An analytical chemist researches the chemical compositions of drugs and substances. They can work in quality control, product validation, or toxicology related fields. They analyse samples and report scientific results, as well as interpret data, and validate certain methods and equipment. 

  8. Chemical safety engineer: A chemical safety engineer, like the name suggests, works to prevent and harmful side effects or injuries from chemical substances in any consumer products. They may work in renewing specifications and plans related to new machinery, explaining safety hazards and ensuring all products fulfill government regulations.  

  9. Chemistry professor: Professorship would include a variety of tasks including giving lectures to students, teaching, preparing lesson plans, evaluation of examination papers, etc. Professors often also work in research related fields simultaneously. 

Biochemistry is a rather useful field, with plenty of career opportunities lined up once you graduate. It is important in a wide range of professions related to medical, business, and manufacturing areas.

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