How to Write a Good Literature Review for Your Research Paper

A good literature review is an essential component of any study or research project. Your experiment and discovery of new concepts and theories is incomplete if it hasn’t taken into account existing findings and theories.  Literature review essentially involves reading through past research papers and scholarly articles on a particular topic and getting an idea

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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a Research Paper

A good research paper needs to present clear examples, use concise words, and contain valid facts. Research papers need to be written in an academic and professional format that depict useful findings and answer important questions.  A lot of hard work and dedication goes into conducting a research and then writing a research paper. As

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How to Narrow Down on a Research Topic

Choosing a research topic is often more difficult than conducting the research itself. It requires careful deliberation and proper planning because the course of your whole research depends on you picking a good topic in the first place. A good research topic is precise, practical, and also something that answers important questions and helps in

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