Career Options for Math Majors

Life is a numbers game if you know how to play it. And as math majors with numerical literacy, you may be more adept than the rest at facing real-world challenges that require analytical and logical thinking.

Solving certain kinds of problems at workplaces may require an approach that involves the ability to assess complex data, and anticipate and predict outcomes before applying it – stuff that math majors have the aptitude to handle. What will work in your favor is learning to relate the theory learned in the classroom to how it can be applied in the real world to tackle real world problems.

As math is closely related to statistics and computer science – many math concepts come into play here – an understanding of these subjects may help diversify job opportunities available to you. The good news is that the market is on your side according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The demand for mathematicians is expected to grow by 21% to 23% between 2012 and 2022.

So where can these skills and major take you? You can look at sectors like businesses, science and technology, and academia. There are quite a few big-name companies that consider math majors like Google, Boeing and McKinsey & Company, and even the U.S. government.

If accountancy interests you, the scope widens as there is a need for accountants, advisers and auditors in various industries.  You could also consider a career in banking where you will get to work with financial models, investments, lending, bonds and shares, and retail. Banks and insurance companies like Goldman Sachs, Chase and United Health can be a good place to go to for internships.

An actuary is another role that you could consider as it involves predicting and assessing financial risks after analyzing data. On the other hand, a cost estimator, as the title suggests, works at estimating the costs of projects and how to make profits out of them.

An interest in math and biology could translate to a role as a biomathematician, and likewise if you have worked with math and statistics, you could take on the role of a biostatistician. As a statistician, you will get to apply theories to collect and interpret data. Your qualifications may need to lean more toward statistics in this case. With supply chain management growing, you could also work as a logistician.

At an entry level, the role of a market research analyst is good to explore. You could also get into programming if you have a background in computer science. Other career paths include intelligence analysis, IT and computing, scientific research and development, data science, economist, cryptography, and teaching.

To go further in your chosen career you may have to supplement your bachelor’s degree with other qualifications.  These include chartered accountant, theoretical or applied mathematician, engineer, physicist, or other research-based roles.

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