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Math Textbook Review: Calculus

Calculus has famously been called an important driving force behind the industrial revolution and most modern technologies. Isaac Newton and Gottfried Liebnitz are credited with the discovery of modern Calculus, while the ancient works of Bhaskara and Archimedes were also later seen to correspond to the field of calculus. 

Calculus is derived from the Latin word for pebbles, which were used back then to keep a count of livestock and other assets. Calculus is the study of continuous change, and has differential calculus and integral calculus as two fields under it. 

We can say that calculus helped mathematics move forward because it is the study of rates of change. Prior to this, most mathematical study concerned itself with static and still objects and processes.   

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Career Options in Math

Career Options for Math Majors

Life is a numbers game if you know how to play it. And as math majors with numerical literacy, you may be more adept than the rest at facing real-world challenges that require analytical and logical thinking.

Solving certain kinds of problems at workplaces may require an approach that involves the ability to assess complex data, and anticipate and predict outcomes before applying it – stuff that math majors have the aptitude to handle. What will work in your favor is learning to relate the theory learned in the classroom to how it can be applied in the real world to tackle real world problems.

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