Reasons Why a Mathematics Degree is Good

The logical functioning and organized problem solving method that mathematics teaches goes way beyond the pages of your textbook or homework sheet. Mathematics is important for mankind in that it explains the very basic functioning of things, and it is well known that a society could not settle without the use of mathematics in some form or the other.

A degree in this field would help you not just in being more quick in day to day calculations when you’re getting your groceries or paying your bills, but would also help broaden and organize your thought patterns, as well as your opinions and perspectives of the world around you. A mathematics degree can be pursued along with other subjects, which would add on to your qualifications, making you stand out. An increasing demand for math experts who can work in various fields like economics or coding and computer science is noted. Math majors have good career opportunities, in positions that are typically stable and offer decent salaries. 

In fact, this blogpost by Kristin Pfabe illustrates how students of his, whom he was teaching in prison took to mathematics and started loving his classes. Thus, mathematics has far reaching impact.  

Here are top ten reasons to pursue it:

  1. Mathematics is helpful. Everyone knows that, even people who dislike mathematics have to admit that it is useful in your life no matter what career you’re in. Math would make most of your daily transactions and financial calculations so much more convenient, and help you in assisting other people with theirs as well. 
  2. It helps broaden your cognitive and decision making capacities, and is scientifically proven to give your brain good exercise. Mastering mathematics makes other subjects and other learning processes easier, because it stimulates your brain to work harder and faster.
  3. Mathematics does not need you to spend a lot of money to study and learn. It’s mostly about practise and utilizing your talent. Unlike various other subjects, in math you don’t need to buy expensive equipment or work on elaborate time consuming projects. You just need to concentrate on problem solving techniques and logical explanations, which is something anyone can actually do, with the right guidance. It might be interesting for students who are self motivated and equipped with basic mathematical concepts to tackle topics under Advanced Mathematics.

  4. Being well versed in mathematics is a good trait to add on to your resume, and makes you more interesting as a person, not just in trying to find a job, but also in various other social circles you may have to interact with in your life. Moreover, employers are eager to pick potential employees who are quick with mental calculations and effective problem solvers. Sometimes even if you don’t have the exact qualifications they’re looking for, being efficient at math can instantly give you the upper hand.

  5. It goes well with all sorts of subjects and fields. No matter what area you want to take your career forward in, a standard qualification in mathematics could help you regardless. Whether it is biology, computer science, chemistry, or even psychology, math is a great additional subject to have because of how essential it is in every field. It could greatly boost your likeability and help you boost your career faster.
  6. Great career opportunities. Mathematics degrees can help you get stable and well paid jobs that provide great pathways for advancement in your career, while also doing what you love. Some popular jobs with a degree in mathematics include accountancy, finance, statistician, actuarial careers, or even positions in academia and research.
  7. Math helps improve your problem solving skills. The structured and logical method that mathematics follows, teaches you a lot of discipline and patience that is essential in life. The step by step process that you follow in math when solving an equation or finding a value, is an excellent technique to use also in day to day life. 

Everything involves math. From sales and marketing, to engineering and medicine, manufacturing and production. There are so many fields, so many areas where a talent in mathematics would be beneficial. Having a degree in this field therefore, would open the doors to many kinds of possibilities for you. Happy calculating!


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  1. Your article gave me a lot of inspiration, I hope you can explain your point of view in more detail, because I have some doubts, thank you.

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