How to write a kickass assignment in a few hours

Procrastination is the name of the game that college students love to play. While not every student will slack off till the deadline is around the corner, most fall prey to procrastination when it comes to writing college assignments.

The fear of deadlines engulfs you slowly, with every passing day, and it reaches its peak the night before the assignment submission. Does this sound familiar to you? If you are facing the daunting task of writing a paper from scratch on the eve of the deadline and you have no idea how to do it, then you have come to the right place. We will give you tips and tricks on how to write a kickass college assignment in just a few hours before the deadline:

    • Plan your time: With just hours left for the deadline to conclude, diving right into writing the assignment might seem like the best idea. But, it’s not! Creating a plan of action by dividing the time left in hand for performing different tasks is essential to ensure maximum productivity. For example: If you have 6 hours in hand, make sure to assign – an hour on research, an hour on brainstorming ideas and organizing points, 2-3 hours to write the assignment and an hour to proofread/edit.


    • Beat the distractions: Some of the biggest hindrances that can stop you from finishing your assignment before the deadline include social media sites and other texting apps. Logout from FB, Twitter, Instagram, and stop chatting with your friends on Whatsapp as they will eat away the precious little time that is left. Beat the distractions to beat the deadline.


    • Understand the topic and read the guidelines: Every assignment is usually based on one question and it requires students to give an objective or subjective answer depending upon the nature of the question. So it is important to understand the topic and to be clear as to what you are expected to write in the assignment. Also, read the instructions given by your professor as it might have specific guidelines that you need to follow while writing the assignment. By spending a few minutes in understanding the topic and reading instructions, you can avoid making grave mistakes in your assignment.    


    • 1-hour extensive research on the topic: This might sound contradictory at first, but students can perform extensive research on any topic in just one hour. Read anything and everything that you can find about the topic. Skim through pages of books, browse through articles online, read different takes and opinions about the same topic. This ensures that you have covered all the details that you need to know about the topic without having to go into in-depth analysis. In just one hour, you will have read all the facts and opinions about the topic that will help you form your own opinion. This is the best way to research when there is an acute shortage of time.   


    •  Prepare your thesis statement: From argumentative essays to opinion pieces, the thesis statement is regarded as the core on which all your arguments and opinions are based. Before you can get into full-fledged writing mode, you need to prepare a strong thesis statement that would act as the foundation for the rest of your assignment.    


    • Make a rough note of all the points you want to include: Once research is over and your thesis statement is ready, it is time to brainstorm and think about all the facts/data that will help you form your opinion. Jot down all the points that you want to talk about in your paper. This step ensures that you don’t get stuck in your thoughts while writing and waste time rewriting your opinions.


    • Form a skeleton of your assignment: The skeleton of every college assignment should have: an introduction, a thesis statement, the body of the assignment, and a conclusion. Before you start writing, it is advisable to form a skeleton of the assignment by arranging all your thoughts and points on paper.  


    • Come up with a great hook for your introduction paragraph: Once planning, researching, brainstorming is done, and the skeleton of the paper is formed, it is finally time to write. How you start an assignment has a huge impact on grabbing the attention of your readers. It is of utmost importance to come up with an interesting first line (often referred to as a hook) to make the write-up more appealing for readers. Make sure that you come up with a great hook by avoiding cliched introductory paragraphs.


    • Write the body of your paper by logically listing out points in order: After the introduction and the thesis statement are in place, a student needs to write a few engaging paragraphs by logically listing down points in order to support his/her argument.


    • Conclude strongly: Despite the good argument, your thesis statement can lose its power if not concluded strongly. Your conclusion should reiterate the main points of your assignment. Finish your paper with a bang through the help of a kickass conclusion paragraph.


    • Take small breaks when you feel exhausted: When you are pulling an all-nighter in order to complete your assignment at the last minute, there will be times when your mind and body will feel exhausted. So, it is important to take short breaks every now and then so that fatigue doesn’t affect the quality of your work.


    • Proofread and edit:  Once the writing process is over and you are refreshed after a short break, it is time to proofread your article in order to find and rectify factual, grammatical, and logical errors. Once you identify errors, edit it immediately to make your assignment free of mistakes.

 Though we don’t endorse procrastinating your assignment till the eleventh hour, we hope that this article helps all college students who are crippled with the fear of deadlines and don’t know how to go about writing a kickass assignment the night before it’s due for submission.

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