An Overview of Psychology Resources

Psychology is a rather interesting and exciting subject to major in. As a popular degree option in the United States, it has a great number of resources available both online and offline. There are tons of helpful websites, blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels that provide useful explanations and elucidations which can make your studying and assignment writing process much easier. 

Here are a few popular resources that you may find helpful:


  1. American Psychological Association ( – the American Psychological Association or APA has an official website with plenty of educational materials, journals, articles and other psychological publications that can be extremely helpful for psychology students. It also gives you important updates and news related to any psychology conferences or events, and also offers career aids.  
  • Society for the Teaching of Psychology ( – this is a great website for students and teachers alike, although it focuses more on teaching psychology than learning it. They help advance the learning of psychology and provide some useful teaching materials, PDFs, e-books and resources. 


  • Cognitive Psychology ’ by E Bruce Goldstein – this book provides examples and illustrations that relate the subject with aspects of your everyday life. Bruce Goldstein covers important topics and essential basics of the subject, giving detailed explanations and analysis in an easy to understand way. 
  • Introduction to Psychology’ by Coon and Mitterer – this book is a great resource for advanced psychology studies, and gives important insights into the field of psychological research. It provides explanations of topics in an interesting and attractive way that is easy to read and understand. 

YouTube Channels and Podcasts

  • CrashCoursethis channel provides useful short videos on various subjects, and they have an exclusive series for psychology that sufficiently covers important psychological concepts and topics in a humorous and exciting way. The explanations are concise and to the point, and help you understand the subject better with relevant examples and illustrations. They’re great videos to look at for last minute revision. 
  • Psych2Go this channel posts helpful psychology tips and explanations for important topics, and is useful in learning how to implement and relate theoretical concepts that you study to everyday life and in your interpersonal relations. It covers aspects like dealing with disorders, personality development, and coping with stress and anxiety. 
  • The Psychology Podcast’ by Scott Barry Kaufman – this is an interesting series of podcasts that covers important aspects of psychology that would be useful to students with their examples and professional advice. The podcast has a different guest speaker in each episode. ‘The Psychology Podcast’ is available on various platforms including Apple itunes and they also have a YouTube channel. 

Among plenty of other helpful resources available online for psychology students, you will also find some online forums and social platforms where you can speak to other students and experts of the field, in order to get valuable updates and advice for your career.