Top 10 Popular Online Degree Programs

Attending full-time college may not be an option for several people due to various constraints.  Distance or online learning comes as a blessing to such people and helps them learn by giving them the flexibility they seek.

Traditional distance learning used to be a private affair and was often fraught with difficulties due to lack of proper interaction between students and faculty. However, with the emergence of the internet, online learning has become more interactive than ever.

The modern online “classrooms” facilitate better collaboration, bridge the connectivity gap and help students learn better through digital curriculum made better by rich media.

Owing to the advantages online learning offers, it’s hardly any surprise that the number of students enrolling for online learning is growing at a steady pace year after year.

From marketing to business administration, students can learn anything they choose, at their own pace, from any place of their choice. Also, what makes online learning popular is the numerous program choices it offers to the students. Keeping in mind the popularity factor, we have put together the following list:

Business Administration

A survey conducted by U.S. Census Bureau reported that about 6 million (approx.) working Americans hold a business administration degree. A degree in business administration opens up several avenues across different industry verticals – HR, Operations, Marketing, etc., and offers multiple career choices.

Quick stats:

Average salary of employees with a Business Administration degree (Source: Payscale)

Human resources manager – $61,640

Operations manager – $60,572

Marketing manager – $65,430

Popular colleges in the US offering online Business Administration degree:


Nursing is one of the best career options for those who are naturally compassionate and helpful by nature. From emergency rooms to obstetrics to pediatrics, all medical departments need nurses who can assist doctors and patients. There are 4 different levels in nursing depending on experience and level of education: Certified Nursing Associate, Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse.

Quick stats:

Average salary of nurses (Source: Payscale)

Certified Nursing Associate: $18,525 – $31,872

Licensed Practical Nurse: $29,899 – $51,100

Registered Nurse: $43,403 – $83,171

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse: $61,501 – $118,125

Popular colleges in the US offering Nursing degree and certification:

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice course covers fundamentals of crime and corrections and includes different disciplines such as psychology, law, science, etc., in its curriculum. People who are from the information technology and computer science background with a degree in criminal justice are eligible to apply for employment with the FBI and such other sought-after departments.

Average salary of employees with a criminal justice degree (Source: Payscale)

Jailer: $39,000

Private Investigator: $43,000

Detective: $70,000

Popular colleges in the US offering Criminal Justice degree and certification:

Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science (CS) and engineering is the most diverse and the fastest growing field of study in the U.S. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, CS careers are set to grow by about 21% by 2022. People with a degree in CS are in demand world over, so much so that they get paid more than most other professionals.  

Average salary of employees with CS and Engineering (Source: Payscale)

Software engineer: $79,357

Systems Analysts: $79,680

Software Developer: $68,082

Popular colleges in the US offering online Computer Science and Engineering degree:


Psychologists work across different fields such as healthcare, human services, criminal justice, etc. Psychology is one of the 20 fastest-growing occupations according to a study conducted by The Bureau of Labor Statistics and is all set to grow by a staggering rate of 53% by 2022.

Average salary of Psychologists (Source: Payscale)

Organizational Psychologists: $70,485

Clinical Psychologists: $73,000

Child Psychologist: $53,000

Popular colleges in the US offering online Psychology degree:


When it comes to money matters, nobody knows anything better than the accountants. Accounting courses cover topics like business and finance, equipping accountants with the ability to analyze financial information of individuals, or public or private sector organizations.

Average salary of Accountants (Source: Payscale)

Public Accountant: $54,000

Tax Examiner, Collector, or Revenue Agent: $45,030

Internal Auditor: $76,000

Popular colleges in the US offering online Accounting degree:


Engineering degree is the most popular of all bachelor degrees. Students can choose what they want to study depending on their interest in the area of specialization such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, petroleum engineering, etc. Engineers rank high on the list of highest paid professionals.

Average salary of Engineers (Source: Payscale)

Electrical Engineer: $71,101

Petroleum Engineer: $100,000

Civil Engineer: $62,019

Mechanical Engineer: $66,890

Popular colleges in the US offering online Engineering degree:


There are very few professions that offer job satisfaction like teaching does. Over 70% of graduates who have a degree in education believe that their job largely contributes towards making the world a better place. From helping students learn to addressing students’ issues and motivating them, teachers do it all.

Average salary of Educators (Source: Payscale)

Early Childhood Educator: $37,000

Art Teacher: $41,000

Head Teacher: $50,000

Popular colleges in the US offering online Education degree:

Information Technology

With the staggering growth of the IT industry, the demand for IT students is more than ever before. IT jobs are expected to increase by 45% in the next decade. A degree in IT opens many doors across various industries.

Average salary of IT employees (Source: Payscale)

Computer Network Architects: $91,000

Information Security Analysts: $86,170

IT Specialist: $52,391

Popular colleges in the US offering online IT degree:

Social Work

Social work is one of the most rewarding careers, though it can be very challenging. Social workers work towards bettering the quality of lives of people. Although similar to Human Services, social workers work directly with people who need support. Be it hospitals, schools, or government agencies, social workers provide the needy with best support services.

Average salary of Social Workers (Source: Payscale)

Social Worker: $42,003

Licensed Social Worker: $43,697

Clinical Social Worker: $51000

Popular colleges in the US offering online IT degree:

The online learning trend is catching up and is quite popular owing to the flexibility it offers. With traditional barriers associated with online learning gone, online learning is here to stay and is challenging its bricks-and-mortar counterparts.