Top 10 Universities to Study Computer Science in the US

Why Computer Science?

We live in a world where there’s immense competition to bring out the best in technology, and Computer Science is at the epicenter of this development.

The two basic requirements for a Computer Science professional are:

To build products and services

Bringing life and existence to innovative thoughts

There is a huge demand for professionals who not just understand computers and codes, but also work around the technology to create it, make it better, and accessible to everyone.
A lot of hard work and innovation goes into building a live model, making it attractive, durable and simple for all ages. That’s the quality we expect today while spending on electronic gadgets.

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To secure and protect your computers

With great technology comes greater threats! Technology that’s not safe is of no use to people. The new age way of getting things done over the internet has given a big boost to cyber crimes and threats all across the globe.
Cyber technology is a booming industry and Computer Science professionals spend days and nights to zero in on all the possibilities of threats and develop countermeasures to mitigate them.

Now that you know why a degree in Computer Science is so valuable, it’s time to list down the top Computer Science Programs / Universities in the US to get this qualification.

10 Best Universities to Study Computer Science in the US

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