Best Study Abroad Programs in the U.S.

Study abroad programs hold a certain appeal. You get to explore another culture and gain new perspectives. You also get the kind of global exposure that can increase your prospects of getting a good job. All these are in addition to the academic qualifications that the program offers.

Many U.S. universities have tie-ups with other organizations or schools specifically for study abroad programs. Some universities also have campuses in other countries. Find out which U.S. universities offer exciting study abroad programs and where in the world these programs will take you.

US Study Abroad Programs
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1. Emerson College

Go to: The Netherlands, Spain, China

The Programs: The programs expose you to various cultures.
  • Kasteel Well, The Netherlands – You’ll get to live in a 14th-century medieval castle.
  • Berklee Valencia Program – Palau de Les Arts Reina Sofia is the campus where students can take up various music and liberal arts courses.
  • China Exchange Program – The program is in partnership with Communication University (CUC).
  • Blanquerna Exchange Program – This will take you to Barcelona for the Fall or Spring semester.
  • Global Pathways Summer Programs – These last three to nine weeks.

2. Carleton College

Go to: Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China, Tanzania, Russia, India, Cameroon, Argentina, Japan

The Programs: They are led by the college faculty and are scheduled for December, Spring and Summer breaks.
  • Cinema and Cultural Change in Chile and Argentina
  • Economics in Cambridge
  • Spanish Studies in Madrid
  • Ecology in Australia
  • Studio Art in the South Pacific
  • Japanese Linguistics and Culture in Kyoto, Japan
  • Geology in New Zealand
  • Energy, Health, and Environment in Ethiopia and Tanzania

3. University of Washington

Go to: Spain, New Zealand, South Pacific

The Programs: You can select the right course based on the location, the focus of the study and time on the college website.
  • Communication Spain: Understanding Spain through Written and Visual Communication – This is for the Spring Quarter.
  • University of Auckland Exchange – You can choose from Spring Semester or Academic Year.
  • SEA Semester – This is for the Autumn Semester, Spring Semester and Summer Quarter.

4. Sarah Lawrence College

Go to: Cuba, China, Japan, Peru, Sub-Saharan Africa, European Countries

The Programs: They are designed to provide students international experiences.
  • Study Abroad in Beijing, China – This is in partnership with Peking University and you’ll learn Chinese culture and language.
  • Study Abroad in Havana, Cuba – It includes Spanish language immersion.
  • Study Abroad in Japan – There are options to study at either the Tsuda College in Tokyo or Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka.
  • Study Abroad in Lima, Peru – You get to learn from a Peruvian poet.

5. Rhodes College

Go to: England, Greece, Rome

The Programs: You can apply for a Buckman Fellowship or a Need-Based Study Abroad Scholarship.
  • Rhodes’ Fall Semester Program: European Studies – This is a program that has been running for 26 years.
  • Rhodes Summer Programs – This includes off-campus domestic and international programs.

6. University of Portland

Go to: Australia, European Countries, Japan, Ecuador

The Programs: There are full-year programs, semester programs and summer programs.
  • Full-Year Program, Salzburg – You get to learn art history, German, and music and take guided tours to other European countries.
  • Semester Programs – These will take you to Australia, a few European countries, and Tanzania.
  • Summer Programs – You’ll get six credit hours in five weeks.

7. Butler University

Go to: Multiple Locations

The Programs: These are through the non-profit organization Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University.
  • Semester/year programs in Argentina – Locations for study include Buenos Aires and Mendoza.
  • Study Abroad Programs in Israel – This is in partnership with Alliance for Global Education.
  • IFSA Butler Summer Study Abroad Programs – You’ll earn semester credits.

8. Center College

Go to: China, England, Scotland, Japan, Mexico, France, Northern Ireland, Spain, Germany

The Programs: There are programs in nine countries.
  • Studying in Mexico – You can choose from Centre-in-the-Yucatan and Marista University.
  • Studying in Japan – You can learn Japanese and take non-credit classes in Japanese culture.
  • Studying in Scotland – The Scottish Enlightenment is for all students.

Always Ask

There are many other universities offering notable study abroad programs.

Your college advisor can help. You can also check out the college websites as they give you an overview of the courses, qualifications, and fees. Asking yourself the right questions can take you to the right place. So ask away.