English Literature

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Top 10 English Language and Literature Universities in the United States

A degree in English Literature will equip you with great knowledge and valuable skills which will help you efficiently navigate the real world. English majors are not only creative and articulate, but they also possess critical thinking and analytical skills which makes them great communicators. 

An English major gets to study the history and evolution of English language and the impact of such evolution on the world. 

Careers Options for Literature Students

Career Options for English Majors

A degree in English Literature can take you places literally and otherwise! From being an English teacher in a foreign country to getting to work for a company in Silicon Valley, English majors can explore a myriad of opportunities. 

Best Resources for Literature Students

If you’re an English major or a student studying English literature and you’re looking for online resources that will help you study better or give the information you need to complete your essay, assignment, or a paper, then look no further. We have put together a list of English literature study resources online just for you! 

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