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Math Textbook Review: Calculus

Calculus has famously been called an important driving force behind the industrial revolution and most modern technologies. Isaac Newton and Gottfried Liebnitz are credited with the discovery of modern Calculus, while the ancient works of Bhaskara and Archimedes were also later seen to correspond to the field of calculus. 

Calculus is derived from the Latin word for pebbles, which were used back then to keep a count of livestock and other assets. Calculus is the study of continuous change, and has differential calculus and integral calculus as two fields under it. 

We can say that calculus helped mathematics move forward because it is the study of rates of change. Prior to this, most mathematical study concerned itself with static and still objects and processes.   

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Career Options in Math

Career Options for Math Majors

Life is a numbers game if you know how to play it. And as math majors with numerical literacy, you may be more adept than the rest at facing real-world challenges that require analytical and logical thinking.

Solving certain kinds of problems at workplaces may require an approach that involves the ability to assess complex data, and anticipate and predict outcomes before applying it – stuff that math majors have the aptitude to handle. What will work in your favor is learning to relate the theory learned in the classroom to how it can be applied in the real world to tackle real world problems.

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Career Options for Statistics Majors

Statistics degrees are often sought after. Employment opportunities for statistics students are said to grow exponentially in the next few years, as there is an increasing need for statistical data collection and management. The effect of the pandemic on this trend will only unravel in time. 

Statistics essentially involves a complex combination of mathematics and data management, where students learn how to collect and organize data, then analyze and interpret it so as to make it easier to understand. Statistics majors are skilled in paying attention to minute details, and are able to group together and organize large amounts of raw data then communicate it effectively to the masses.

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Learning Math

Reasons Why A Mathematics Degree Is Good

The logical functioning and organized problem solving method that mathematics teaches goes way beyond the pages of your textbook or homework sheet. Mathematics is important for mankind in that it explains the very basic functioning of things, and it is well known that a society could not settle without the use of mathematics in some form or the other.

A degree in this field would help you not just in being more quick in day to day calculations when you’re getting your groceries or paying your bills, but would also help broaden and organize your thought patterns, as well as your opinions and perspectives of the world around you. A mathematics degree can be pursued along with other subjects, which would add on to your qualifications, making you stand out. An increasing demand for math experts who can work in various fields like economics or coding and computer science is noted. Math majors have good career opportunities, in positions that are typically stable and offer decent salaries. 

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Types of Statistics Specializations

Statistics courses cover a wide range of mathematical subjects like algebra, probability, data collection, game theory, and statistical modelling. These are useful fields in the collection and analysis of data, and are also applicable to other fields like economics, sociology, or finance. 

Statistics majors are taught how to analyze and interpret various types of data, identify trends and patterns, as well as make calculated predictions on what could happen, based on past tendencies.

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